The final part of ‘The Week‘ Series, I hope you’ve enjoyed:

I hope it wasn’t like raw meat…
That’s not good to eat.
Somewhat bitter sweet
like poor lyrics captured in an angels voice
or inexperienced players in a Beethoven symphony
and those who stay at the front line after being told,
“If you are feeling the fear then flee”
knowing that death may visit them soon.
I hope it wasn’t like raw meat,
after you did what you did that wet afternoon.
Regret may ensue but there’s nothing you can do,
except only blame you.
I hope you don’t wish that it wasn’t marinated more,
that there may be a possibility of a little salmonella.
And if not a little then I hope your stomach is fine.
If not I hope your stomach progresses like a fine wine.
Don’t wish for more seasoning,
if it didn’t taste right then,
the time for reasoning is gone.
Let it be ready and succulent,
Slow and steady, first osculant. ©

By Aiden Harmitt-Williams

Here is the link to the previous part: Friday (Sis)




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