Part 6 of ‘The Week‘ Series:

If you aren’t my soul,
then sister ebony,
queen of the night,
darkness of my life,
sweet chocolate on my tongue,
who is second to none — I know not what I’ll do,
for there is no other one
who can fill the quota
of child bearer, home maker or king slayer.
For what is a queen without a king
whose heart she has conquered, captured,
loved and locked up within her own?
Let me be the sacrifice to God Himself for you,
in the hope that our coinage of the word “us” is blessed.
What’s simple is this, if you long for me,
let the beat of your heart, play a rhythm for we.
The gravity of your eyes, I can’t refute how I feel.
I’ve heard a lot from the past, I hope the repute is for real.
You must be my soul sister,
Hey sis. ©

By Aiden Harmitt-Williams

Here is the link to the previous part: Thursday (Fleeting)


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